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log4sql Users Blog

다음은 log4sql에 관심을 가져주신 분들에게 고마움을 표하고져 많은 시간과 노력이 보여지는 log4sql 관련 blogging List입니다.

http://westzero.net/16 -서영이네집
http://mainia.tistory.com/217 -유아독종
http://www.pcraft.kr/171 - 날아라x2종이비행기(log4sql에서 지원하지 않는 다른 driver사용방법)

http://westzero.net/40- JDBC Driver를 기본 제공하지 않는 WAS의 설정 방법(JEUS)
http://pantarei.tistory.com/51 - 행복한 지원이네(Trace의 위치를 어떻게 설정하는지에 대한 예)

http://i-dev.tistory.com/49 - log4sql other engineer modify(제가 시간이 없다는 이유로 차일 피일 미루던 부분을 추가개발 하신분의 blog입니다. http://i-dev.tistory.com/trackback/49)

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Logging Or Debugging SQL(Query)

In develope we use many framework and tools. Developer's important work is developing PL/SQL. Many tools and Framework support All Layers.
View, Model, and Controller or DataAcess Layer... so developer can concentrate business logic.
And i think business logics is PL/SQL. All PL/SQL works repeat Make query And executioning And debugging.
In that case we can use jdbc or Connection Pooling(Apache DBCP) or support 2PC (JTA,JOTM) and etc...
In many case Also we use ORM(Object Relation Mapping) ibatis or springJDBC or hibernate...
Then problem occurs 'My Query How to Works! And Parameters are correct?'
I'm sure log4sql is easy And simple configuration change but very useful to you!
If you want to know more log4sql then visit http://log4sql.sourceforge.net


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